“Is An Offer Of…Salary Enough to Live in Dubai?” Cost of Living Insight from Guildhall

2 July 2023

“Is An Offer Of…Salary Enough to Live in Dubai?” Cost of Living Insight from Guildhall

Dubai, famed for its luxurious lifestyle and high-rise architecture, often leads potential expatriates to ponder, “Is my salary offer enough to live comfortably in Dubai?” As a leading recruitment agency in Dubai, Guildhall is here to shed light on this frequently asked question. We aim to provide a detailed guide to living costs in Dubai, helping individuals and families understand their budget needs.

Cost of Accommodation:

Accommodation is a significant part of your expenses in Dubai. Depending on location and property type, rents vary. As per Bayut, a leading property portal in Dubai, a one-bedroom apartment in the city center averages AED 90,000 ($24,500) annually, whereas you might spend AED 60,000 ($16,335) for the same outside the city center. Larger families may find a three-bedroom apartment in the city center costing up to AED 160,000 ($43,560) annually.

Cost of Utilities:

Standard utilities including electricity, water, and cooling for a two-bedroom apartment cost around AED 600-800 ($163-$218) per month. During the summer months, this might increase due to extensive air conditioning usage. Internet, another crucial utility, comes at about AED 350-500 ($95-$136) per month according to Du, a major telecommunication provider in Dubai.

Transportation Expenses:

Public transport in Dubai is excellent and affordable, with a monthly pass costing approximately AED 350 ($95), as per the RTA Dubai. However, if you prefer private transport, maintaining a mid-range car, considering fuel, insurance, and maintenance, can reach up to AED 1,500-2,000 ($408-$544) monthly.

Groceries and Food:

Monthly grocery bills can vary based on your shopping habits. The cost averages around AED 1,000-1,500 ($272-$408). Dining out ranges from an AED 30 meal at an inexpensive restaurant to AED 250 at a mid-range restaurant, as detailed by Numbeo, a comprehensive data aggregator.


While employers in Dubai are required to provide health insurance, out-of-pocket medical expenses can add up. A standard doctor’s visit without insurance can cost around AED 300 ($82), with additional costs for medications.


As a recruitment agency in Dubai, we often get asked about the cost of education. It can be quite steep, with annual fees for international schools ranging from AED 40,000 to AED 90,000 ($10,890 to $24,500) according to Edarabia, a comprehensive education guide.

Leisure and Miscellaneous:

Entertainment in Dubai can be as diverse as your budget. A movie ticket costs around AED 40 ($11) and a gym membership can be around AED 200-400 ($54-$108) per month.


Is your salary enough to live comfortably in Dubai? A single person may need around AED 120,000-180,000 ($32,670-$49,000) annually, excluding savings or recreational activities. For a family of four, this could increase to between AED 300,000 and AED 480,000 ($81,675-$130,680).

The figures provided are average estimates, and personal lifestyles can influence the actual cost. However, with this comprehensive understanding of living costs in Dubai, provided by Guildhall, one of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai, you can better prepare for your move to this vibrant city.

Should you need personalized advice or assistance finding employment opportunities in Dubai that match your skills and salary expectations, feel free to contact Guildhall – your reliable recruitment agency in Dubai.

2 July 2023

“Is An Offer Of…Salary Enough to Live in Dubai?” Cost of Living Insight from Guildhall

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