Youth Involvement in Climate Diplomacy

22 August 2023

Youth Involvement in Climate Diplomacy

Youth Involvement in Climate Diplomacy: Empowering Future Leaders

Climate change presents a pressing global challenge that demands immediate attention. As nations unite to combat this issue, scientists warn that swift action is essential to avert severe climate impacts. To address the urgent need for change, creative, innovative, and urgent thinking is crucial – attributes often abundant in our youth.

The UAE, known for its leadership, has a distinct opportunity to champion youth involvement in climate diplomacy. International Youth Day recently showcased the remarkable talents globally and within the UAE. To effectively address the climate crisis, harnessing these skills and fostering a desire for a better future is paramount, requiring young individuals to step up and drive change.

Equipping young minds with green skills – encompassing knowledge, values, attitudes, and abilities for a resource-efficient and sustainable world – empowers them to lead in combating climate change. Education lays the foundation for this transformation.

UAE COP28 President-Designate’s Call for Climate Action

Integrating climate science, sustainability, and environmental diplomacy into education prepares future scientists, entrepreneurs, and policymakers for the necessary actions. Encouraging environmental change programs and initiatives that foster climate-focused innovation further enhances their readiness.

The Role of Climate Leaders

As climate pressures mount, businesses increasingly turn to governments for guidance. Effective policy reform requires governmental and decision-making bodies to lead the charge. Addressing the global climate crisis necessitates multilateral efforts.

No individual or nation is immune to the crisis’s impacts. Diplomacy is crucial, especially amidst heightened international tensions.

Developing sustainable pathways for governments and businesses is vital in combating climate change effectively. Climate diplomacy is pivotal in crafting such pathways, and the youth play a vital role in this endeavor.

COP28, hosted by the UAE later this year, offers a pivotal moment for world leaders to showcase their commitment. It also presents a unique opportunity for young people to engage in climate action through the International Youth Climate Delegate program, integrating 100 young individuals into the policy conference.

This initiative highlights the value of today’s youth while fostering skills and competencies for continued efforts and inspiring more young individuals to participate. The conference also underscores the significance of diplomacy in addressing the climate crisis, with the UAE demonstrating leadership in supporting youth.

Empowering the Future

In a business-as-usual scenario, the youth and future generations bear the brunt of climate crisis impacts. Despite increasing extreme weather events, involving the youth in discussions about their future and encouraging innovative thinking is essential.

Engaging young people in climate diplomacy not only yields valuable solutions but also equips future generations with the tools to tackle other challenges stemming from the climate crisis.

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22 August 2023

Youth Involvement in Climate Diplomacy

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