UAE’s Rising Global Talent Ranking

9 May 2024

UAE’s Rising Global Talent Ranking

UAE’s Rising Global Talent Ranking

The UAE solidifies its position as a global talent hub, with Dubai and Abu Dhabi securing spots among the top five preferred cities worldwide for professionals. As the UAE climbs to 14th in global talent rankings, it continues to attract top-tier talent from around the globe.

In collaboration with The Network and The Stepstone Group, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) releases a groundbreaking report, “Decoding Global Talent 2024,” spotlighting the UAE’s prominence in the global talent landscape.

UAE Talent Rankings

Highlighting shifting dynamics in the international workforce, the report underscores the UAE’s growing appeal for professionals globally. Drawing insights from over 150,000 professionals across 188 countries, the UAE now ranks 14th overall, with Dubai and Abu Dhabi emerging as the 3rd and 4th most preferred cities, respectively.

With 73% of respondents citing job quality as the primary draw to the UAE, factors such as income, tax benefits, and quality of life contribute to the nation’s allure. The UAE Cabinet’s introduction of new visa schemes in April 2022 further expands opportunities, particularly in burgeoning sectors like private equity, venture capital, and AI.

Maya El Hachem, Managing Director and Partner, UAE BCG Office Lead, highlights the UAE’s appeal, stating, “The UAE continues to carve a reputation as a fertile ground for career growth, drawing talents, especially from the Middle East and beyond.”

Despite global fluctuations, the UAE maintains its allure for international relocation, with 73% of respondents expressing willingness to move abroad for work. Notably, sector-specific dynamics drive mobility trends, with engineering, health, finance, and marketing roles leading the pack.

As the UAE workforce embraces an international outlook, expectations for employment support align closely with global trends. Flexible working arrangements, including remote work, gain traction, emphasizing the need for adaptability and innovation in the evolving labor landscape.


9 May 2024

UAE’s Rising Global Talent Ranking

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