UAE’s $10B Food & Agriculture Strategy and Job Creation

26 September 2023

UAE’s $10B Food & Agriculture Strategy and Job Creation

UAE’s $10 Billion Food and Agriculture Strategy Targets 20,000 New Jobs

The UAE is embarking on a visionary journey to build a $10 billion food and agriculture sector, creating 20,000 new job opportunities within the next five years. Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, Minister of Economy, has unveiled a comprehensive strategy comprising seven key pillars to drive growth in this emerging sector.

Key Strategies

The UAE’s strategic approach includes:

  • Localizing innovation to nurture local talents and solutions, cultivating the next generation of agri-disruptors.
  • Becoming a global regulatory powerhouse, ensuring international recognition and higher product standards.
  • Promoting a UAE-first culture, prioritizing domestic production, and reducing reliance on imports along the food value chain.
  • Providing substantial funding to industry players to facilitate growth and innovation.
  • Fostering innovation through world-class R&D initiatives.
  • Creating pathways for agriculture players to diversify and access new markets.
  • Building the next generation of farmers and agri-tech leaders through training, modernization, and support.

Bin Touq emphasized the commitment to empower farmers with knowledge, technology, and resources, ensuring the agriculture workforce is well-prepared to address challenges and seize opportunities in this dynamic sector.

UAE’s Growing Food Sector

The UAE’s food sector has witnessed remarkable growth, with food products trade reaching AED130 billion ($35.4 billion) in 2022, representing a 24% increase from 2021. Food trading now accounts for 5.7% of the UAE’s non-oil trade.

Despite global challenges, the UAE’s food industry remains resilient and adaptive, emphasizing sustainable practices to ensure the Earth’s well-being for generations to come.

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26 September 2023

UAE’s $10B Food & Agriculture Strategy and Job Creation

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