UAE Labour Law GPT: Over 900 Labour Law Queries Answered and Counting!

17 March 2024

UAE Labour Law GPT: Over 900 Labour Law Queries Answered and Counting!

Dear Guildhall Community,

As we persist in helping in the quagmire of the labour market, our commitment to support and guide our clients all the way remains unchanged. We are very excited to share a landmark achievement that strongly testifies to the value of our Labour Law GPT Chat Service, which was launched on our website last year.

We are proud to have successfully helped our clients in more than 900 queries related to labor laws. This is a huge feat, not just as proof of our pledge towards excellence but also as an insight into the changing needs of work and its executor.

Particularly, we are proud to have been able to make a positive impact on the lives of those who require clarifications regarding complex labor law issues, whereby timely and accurate information has benefited many in their professional lives.

Updated with the 2024 Labour Laws

Keeping our hard work on a continuous track to always put our service at the best of legal compliance and innovation, we are very happy to share with you that our GPT Labour Law Chat Service is upgraded with the latest knowledge on the 2024 Labour Laws which include the following:

Quick Implementation

The MOHRE of the UAE may directly implement the orders in disputes where the amount involved is less than Dh50,000, providing for the prompt administration of justice.

Right to Appeal

Employees and Employers, both reserve the right of appeal against the decisions of MOHRE, in case if taken, to maintain fairness of the process.

Claims threshold

Now, disputes are to be adjudicated where the claim amount does not exceed Dh50,000 compared to the earlier rules under which the amount of claim had to be even less.

Statute of Limitations

The one-year statute has been fixed for employment claims to bring an emphasis on quick justice.

Ongoing Salary Payment

In some cases, the employer has to continue paying the salary of the employee during the dispute. This seeks to protect the financial stability of the workers.

The communication will also be made easy to enable the workers to effectively channel their complaints, hence allowing the employer to move through the dispute resolution process more effectively and clearly.

Looking Forward

As we celebrate this milestone and the improvements that come with it, through UAE’s improved labor laws, it is a reminder of the value of learning and adaptation. Guildhall will always be dedicated to empowering our community with knowledge and tools that will enable them to better practice at their workplace. We are proud to have been a part of your professional journey and hope we can continue with standards of excellence and integrity second to none. Here’s to many more successes and milestones ahead!

17 March 2024

UAE Labour Law GPT: Over 900 Labour Law Queries Answered and Counting!

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