UAE Jobs: To Photo or Not? Insights from Experts

1 December 2023

UAE Jobs: To Photo or Not? Insights from Experts


UAE Jobs: Should Jobseekers Put Their Photograph on a CV? Experts Weigh In

Jobseekers in the UAE are receiving advice from career experts to avoid adding photographs to their Curriculum Vitae (CV) when applying for jobs. Guildhall Recruitment Agency explores the considerations and provides insights into the evolving norms of job applications in the UAE.

“Personally, I think CVs look more professional without a photograph. It can be challenging to choose an appropriate photo, and it often depends on the subjective opinion of the CV reviewer. In my experience, it’s best to focus on the content of the CV and let one’s qualifications speak for themselves,” says Dubai-based career coach Noona Nafousi.

Guildhall Recruitment Agency emphasizes the importance of understanding the evolving trends in job applications and aligning CV content with industry expectations.

Does a Photograph Add Value to a Job Application?

While adding a photo to a CV can enhance its visual appeal, experts caution against potential biases and distractions. TishTash’s Director of People and Culture April Kearns discourages photo inclusion, stating, “From a diversity and inclusion perspective, it is much easier to avoid subconscious biases without any photographs on a CV and let the experience speak for itself.”

In certain industries like hospitality, customer-facing roles, media, and entertainment, a well-curated professional headshot may add value. However, jobseekers should be cautious and ensure alignment with industry norms.

Standing Out Without a Photograph

Guildhall Recruitment Agency suggests several strategies for jobseekers to stand out without a photograph, including highlighting specific achievements, providing quantifiable results, tailoring CVs to the job, and including a unique personal statement. Clear design, impeccable grammar, and addressing the employer’s requirements also contribute to a standout CV.

April Kearns advises jobseekers to include essential details such as correct dates for job roles, location, contact information, education qualifications, languages spoken, and a concise summary of experience at the top of the CV.

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1 December 2023

UAE Jobs: To Photo or Not? Insights from Experts

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