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Saudi Arabia Signs Deal with Philippines for Skilled Workers

Discover the latest collaboration between Saudi Arabia and the Philippines, focusing on labor, investment, and economic partnerships. As both nations join forces to strengthen their ties, explore the potential for skilled workers from the Philippines to contribute to the Saudi market.

Sharjah Clarifies Job Age Restriction Rules

Discover the latest updates to job age restriction rules in Sharjah, allowing UAE citizens aged 18 to 60 to be recruited for various positions. Learn about the benefits, including a four-day workweek, good salaries, and attractive benefits packages.

Saudi Arabia Offers 11,550 Education Jobs

Discover a wealth of opportunities in the education sector as Saudi Arabia opens up over 11,550 new job vacancies for teachers and education specialists. The Ministry of Education invites both male and female candidates to apply for specialist teaching positions in subjects like Maths, Chemistry, Physics, English language, Computer teaching, and Management.

Top Talents Attracted by Lucrative Packages in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Discover how companies in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are attracting top talents with lucrative packages amid their expansion plans. Sectors like hospitality, real estate, and infrastructure development are offering fatter pay packages and added incentives to secure senior-level executives.

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UAE Tops Arab Youth Survey as Most Desirable Nation to Live In

The UAE has once again claimed the top spot as the most coveted destination for Arab youth to live in, according to the latest Arab Youth Survey. With over 24 percent of young Arabs selecting the UAE as their preferred country, the survey highlights the nation’s appeal due to factors such as safety, a growing economy, visionary leadership, and a favorable business environment.

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UAE Ramadan Rules: What You Need to Know About Working Hours and Etiquette

Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, is fast approaching in the UAE. Muslims all over the world observe this month by abstaining from food, drink, and smoking during daylight hours, along with other spiritual practices. Here’s everything you need to know about Ramadan in the UAE, including working hours, school closures, and rules to follow.