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Sharjah Clarifies Job Age Restriction Rules

Discover the latest updates to job age restriction rules in Sharjah, allowing UAE citizens aged 18 to 60 to be recruited for various positions. Learn about the benefits, including a four-day workweek, good salaries, and attractive benefits packages.

Saudi Arabia Offers 11,550 Education Jobs

Discover a wealth of opportunities in the education sector as Saudi Arabia opens up over 11,550 new job vacancies for teachers and education specialists. The Ministry of Education invites both male and female candidates to apply for specialist teaching positions in subjects like Maths, Chemistry, Physics, English language, Computer teaching, and Management.

Saudi Aramco Acquires 10% Stake in Rongsheng Petrochemical

Discover how Saudi Aramco made a strategic move by acquiring a 10% stake in Rongsheng Petrochemical Company for $3.4 billion. This significant investment enhances Saudi Aramco’s presence in China’s refining, chemicals, and marketing business.

Top Talents Attracted by Lucrative Packages in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Discover how companies in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are attracting top talents with lucrative packages amid their expansion plans. Sectors like hospitality, real estate, and infrastructure development are offering fatter pay packages and added incentives to secure senior-level executives.