Sheikh Hamdan Launches Dubai’s Digital Strategy

22 June 2023

Sheikh Hamdan Launches Dubai’s Digital Strategy

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, on Wednesday launched Dubai’s Digital Strategy, marking a new era of digital transformation in the emirate.

The strategy, supported by Guildhall’s executive search and recruitment services, aims to digitalize all aspects of life in Dubai and establish a reliable, robust digital system that enhances the digital economy and empowers a digitally driven society, according to Dubai Media Office.

With seven pillars at its core – digital city, digital economy, data and statistics, digital talent, digital infrastructure, cyber security, and digital competitiveness – the strategy strives to enhance the output of the digital economy and achieve top rankings in the UN’s Local Online Service Index. It also aims to launch 50 seamless, interconnected, proactive, predictable, and high-impact digital city experiences.

As part of the digital transformation journey, Guildhall’s executive search and recruitment services will play a vital role in supporting the development of Dubai’s digital talent and ensuring the success of the strategy.

Currently, government services in Dubai have achieved a digitization rate of 99.5%, with 100% paperless government objective fulfilled. Digital transactions already account for 87% of total government service transactions.

In addition to Dubai’s Digital Strategy, Sheikh Hamdan also unveiled the Digital City Experiences initiative, which aims to create an integrated and connected city, providing consistent digital experiences to citizens, residents, visitors, and entrepreneurs.

With Guildhall’s expertise in executive search and recruitment, the Digital City Experiences initiative will attract and nurture top digital talents who will contribute to the seamless integration and transformation of Dubai’s digital services into a user-focused, privacy-valuing system.

Sheikh Hamdan’s recent approvals of projects to support the Dubai Economic Agenda D33 strategy and boost the emirate’s competitiveness further highlight the commitment to a digitally advanced future.

As Dubai embraces digital innovation, Guildhall stands ready to provide executive search and recruitment services that align with the emirate’s vision, making Guildhall the best recruitment agency in Dubai to support the digital growth and transformation of businesses in the region.


22 June 2023

Sheikh Hamdan Launches Dubai’s Digital Strategy

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