Saudi Arabia’s High-Salary Jobs Surge

17 August 2023

Saudi Arabia’s High-Salary Jobs Surge




Saudi Arabia’s High-Salary Jobs Surge: Over 965,000 Workers Earning $2,660+

Saudi Arabia has witnessed a remarkable surge in the number of workers earning a salary of SR10,000 ($2,660) or higher, reaching an impressive total of around 965,000 individuals, as revealed by official statistics.

Data recently released by the Kingdom’s General Organisation for Social Insurance (GOSI) underscores the pivotal role of the private sector in providing diverse job opportunities for jobseekers within the Kingdom.

The GOSI report highlights that between April and June of this year, approximately 708,000 workers in Saudi Arabia enjoy a salary exceeding SR10,000.

This figure accounts for a substantial 73.3% of employees in this salary range, with nearly 256,000 workers in the same bracket situated within the public sector.

The published data also unveils that over one million individuals in Saudi Arabia earn annual salaries ranging from SR5,000 to SR10,000.

Notably, the count of people earning above SR10,000 has surged by over 66.8% in the past five years, a testament to the Kingdom’s flourishing economy.

Riyadh continues to solidify its position as the economic hub of Saudi Arabia, hosting over half of the high-salary bracket workers.

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17 August 2023

Saudi Arabia’s High-Salary Jobs Surge

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