Revealing Top 7 Secrets with In-depth Guide: How to Get a Desired Job in Dubai

5 April 2024

Revealing Top 7 Secrets with In-depth Guide: How to Get a Desired Job in Dubai

Are you looking for a job in Dubai? If yes! Then not only you. Even there are thousands of individuals land every year here in the search for a luxurious lifestyle. As Dubai is emerging as the top destination in the world to entice candidates to secure their future here. This is because of tax-free earnings, luxurious life, and a safe living environment. You can get a wide range of jobs in different industries of your taste here. But the major hurdle is the wrong pathways to find a job. The competition in Dubai for getting jobs is very high. This is due to the worldwide talent pool. So, here the right approach and guidance is mandatory.

Moreover, getting job in the UAE is not as simple as it looks. You must have relevant qualifications and experience. But along with that, there are many other factors that help you to secure your position for your dream job. So, if you want to settle here but still have no idea how to get a job in Dubai.

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Top 7 Secrets to Secure a Good Job in Dubai


  • Keep in mind to apply for limited roles.

First of all do not confuse yourself by applying for multiple roles. Whether it is common when we do not find the job. We start filling all the vacancies come in the way. But it is not the right approach. In result it is a wastage of time. At the same time, it will make you more disappointed due to lack of positive responses. Keep in mind you are not fit for all the roles. So, be careful with your niche. This is because the companies in Dubai are very strict with their hiring. As they are getting the talent from the world. 

Make sure to apply on the roles where you are 80% qualifying the requirements. Pay special attention towards language need, qualifications and education requirements. So, this approach will save your time and increases chances of positive response. 

  • Hit the right time.

Another secret to find the job in Dubai is right time of the year. As we all are well aware of the scorching heat of summer in Dubai. It falls in June, July and August. So, do not try to find in the job in these months. It might be results in failure. Because the recruitment process in these time is very low. It is just like standstill. Instead, try your luck in other months. Whether in the beginning of the year or in the ending of the year. Moreover, you must be fully aware of the religious holidays and the religious holidays. 

In short, as you embark the journey to job search in Dubai, remember that timing can make a significant difference in your success. By understanding the seasonal hiring patterns and the best time to apply for jobs, you can position yourself strategically and increase your changes of securing employment in this vibrant city. 

  • Go through the best job vacancies.

If you are not getting the solution that how to get a job in Dubai, there is one more secret. Pick your phone and start searching the websites like:

  • LinkedIn etc. 

There are hundreds of the website you will find online. Here you can search vacancies for your niche and role. Platform like these are very helpful to search various jobs by sitting in the cozy comfort. 

  • Hire Top rated recruitment agencies

The number of recruitment agencies is also rising with the competition in Dubai. Staffing agencies acts like a mediator between the employer and the employee. So, hiring the best recruitment agencies in Dubai will help you a lot to hit the right job. Because these agencies have access to many well-known corporation. Where normal people have no reach.

So, chances of getting job in such places increase. The main benefit of working with these agencies is their free services. Because they get paid by the employers. So, you do no need to pay any single penny. 

  • Make proper use of Dubai job boards

Another powerful secrets is Dubai job boards. It is the platform which get updated every hour with new openings. So, you can search for the relevant job here. But you need to do a daily research and apply for the job which is 80% matching you needs. Avoid filling positions more than is necessary.

There is one more benefit of job boards. As when you create a profile on these platforms. Every day, a large number of recruitment agencies use these profiles for updates. Thus, this can also lead to your selection.

  • Fully Optimised LinkedIn Profile 

In this modern techno-savvy era, almost everything is going online. So, the recruitment is also through online mode more instead of offline. As a substitute to wasting time by physical meeting all the candidates, employers prefer to hire the candidates via internet.

LinkedIn is the one of the most popularly used website to hire the individuals. Thus, make sure you have 100% complete and attractive profile on LinkedIn.

  • Have a Dubai local number

Don’t commit mistake by filing the jobs by your home country’s contact number. It can be a major pitfall for you. Because in Dubai the recruiter prefer to hire the person who are in the country. As, it saves their visa processing cost and other formalities. So, if you are still applying the jobs by your number still in Dubai. It will be only result in zero positive response.  Instead, buy a local Dubai number. So, the staffer will not ignore you. 

Final thoughts!

It might be daunting to those people who have no idea how to get a job in Dubai. But if you are using right pathways with right approaches. You will get the desired job here. Getting the ideal job in this place is not impossible. All you have to do is walk at every turn with care. Keep your attention on your own niche rather than applying to many roles. Maintain your profiles and contacts up to date as well.

The above mentioned secrets will acts as a key to find the success in finding job in Dubai.  So, bear in mind and embark a beautiful journey!

5 April 2024

Revealing Top 7 Secrets with In-depth Guide: How to Get a Desired Job in Dubai

How to Get a job in Dubai

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