22 April 2021

Relocating and finding a place to live in the UAE – What you need to know

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Looking to move to the UAE? Here are some useful services to help you relocate with ease.

Here at Guildhall, we support hundreds of people make the move to the Middle East each year. We understand the process can be daunting and directionless, so when we get asked for support, we utilize our decades of experience to help point ex-pats in the right direction.

In this article, we will be focusing on one of the most popular ex-pat destinations in the world, the United Arab Emirates. We will be recommending some excellent resources to support your relocation and settling-in process when you’ve committed to making the big move.

Securing a Job in the UAE

Once you have secured your new employment opportunity in the UAE you will be provided with an offer letter with a proposed start date. This means that your new employer will expect you to be in the country having your first official day with them by that date. This means you need to be in the country a few days in advance. Typically, an employer will pay for the mobilization flight and the first 3-7 days in temporary accommodation while you settle and get adjusted. 

These days, employers do not offer relocation support other than the flight and the luggage allowance, which means that if you would like to bring your furniture and other goods you will need to use a moving company.

Picking the right moving company

When searching for the right moving company it can seem as if there are more service providers than there are people physically relocating. 


This is why we are going to simplify things for you, in the UAE we have partnered with E-Movers, one of the most reputable and high-quality ISO9001, FIDI-FAIM and IAM certified moving specialists in the UAE.

We always recommend using a moving company from the country you are moving to as this will save you money. They will find the most cost-effective partner in your home country to manage your move. They are experts in the local market and can support you every step of the way once your belongings reach the UAE. 

Become a member of VAULT to get exclusive benefits such as a dedicated account manager, 10% off your bill and free air-conditioned storage for 1 week. 

You can find information on E-movers by visiting their site: https://emoversuae.com/ or by contacting the dedicated account manager on your Guildhall VAULT page.

Finding the right place to live in the UAE

Finding a place to stay in the UAE is also a daunting task as there are lots of areas that may look suitable but in reality, may have some issues that you may not be aware of when searching online. There are examples of shady practice too such as the photos being from different properties, misleading rental prices and fake listings which are designed to hook in viewers and offer them something different.

The Easy way

At Guildhall we have done extensive vetting on service providers in this sector and we are very happy to recommend our partner for home searching, Nomad Homes.

Nomad Homes

Nomad homes are the ideal solution to your home search requirements, they are not an agency so do not charge you commission however what they do is that they will contact all the agents and landlords that are listing properties that match your requirements and do all the negotiations for you.

Nomad has expert consultants in each area of the UAE who will recommend the ideal place for you based on your preferences and budget.

As a Guildhall VAULT member, you will receive a dedicated account manager and AED 1000 ($272) back on your rental of the property.

The Hard Way

We are aware that some people prefer a more hands-on approach when looking for a home, if you would prefer to contact agents and landlords direct, we recommend only using reputable portals and look for ‘verified’ listings. Here are some of the portals we recommend:



Modern design with some advanced features that go into a lot of detail into property trends and data analytics. Great for renting and buying.

Property Finder


The UAE’s largest database of properties. Reasonable quality postings. prioritise verified listings to avoid disappointment. Also has a suite of features that will help you make a decision. 



This is an innovative app that bypasses agents and puts you in contact directly with a landlord. Agents usually charge a 5% commission fee on your annual rent so if you are looking to save some money, consider using this app. There is not as wide of a selection and you must watch out for landlords asking for rental prices over market rate.


Which every method you choose, we have done the hard work so you don’t have to. We highly recommend E-movers and Nomad homes to take care of the moving and home search stresses. As VAULT members you receive exclusive perks and rates with these leading service providers plus a host more.

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