Record-Breaking $101 Billion in Construction Awards for MENA

12 October 2023

Record-Breaking $101 Billion in Construction Awards for MENA

Record-Breaking $101 Billion in Construction Awards for MENA

The MENA region has experienced remarkable growth, with over $101 billion in construction project awards in the first half of 2023. Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt have been at the forefront of this construction surge, accounting for approximately 67% of these project awards. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this impressive growth, showcasing the factors driving this construction boom.

1. Saudi Arabia Leads the Way

Saudi Arabia stands out as a construction powerhouse, with a staggering $44 billion worth of construction contracts awarded during this period. This significant investment underscores the nation’s commitment to infrastructure development and economic diversification.

2. UAE’s Residential Boom

The United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai, takes the spotlight in the residential segment. Dubai-based projects have secured over $9 billion, making up 75% of the $23 billion total for the UAE. This residential surge reflects the city’s enduring appeal as a hub for property development.

3. Egypt’s Emerging Activity

Egypt, while recording $771 million in new project awards, signals a pickup in construction activity. This is a positive indicator for Egypt’s construction sector, demonstrating its potential to contribute significantly to the region’s growth.

4. Anomalous Growth Amid Global Challenges

Despite global challenges such as interest rate hikes and inflation, the MENA region exhibits remarkable resilience in its construction sector. With a project pipeline surpassing $3 trillion, led by nations like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, the construction industry promises sustained growth. It remains a cornerstone of economic development and diversification in the region.

5. Beyond Residential: Mixed-Use and Hospitality

The construction surge extends beyond residential projects. The hospitality and mixed-use sectors have also shown substantial growth. Saudi Arabia has awarded $2 billion in new leisure projects, while Egypt and the UAE have added $2 billion and $5 billion to hospitality construction, respectively. These developments underpin the robust outlook for the region’s property markets.

6. Future Projections

Looking ahead, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE are projected to experience annual construction market growth of 9%, 4%, and over 3% between 2024 and 2027. This positive outlook is driven by various factors, including transportation, renewable energy, and Vision 2030 initiatives.


The MENA region’s construction industry showcases exceptional growth, underpinned by significant awards in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt. This construction surge is defying global challenges and contributing to economic development. As the construction sector continues to thrive, it promises enduring opportunities for both professionals and investors.

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12 October 2023

Record-Breaking $101 Billion in Construction Awards for MENA


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