Oman Announces Major Changes to Labour Law

26 July 2023

Oman Announces Major Changes to Labour Law

Oman has made significant updates to its Labour Law, introducing comprehensive changes that provide clarity on various aspects of working in the country. The new law, issued by Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik, aligns with the vision set by Oman Vision 2040 and focuses on enhancing the labour market.

The revised Labour Law includes several noteworthy provisions, such as extending maternity leave to 98 days for women and introducing a 15-day paternity leave for fathers. Employers now have the flexibility to set productivity targets and terminate contracts for unproductive workers. Additionally, the law prioritizes Omanisation of the workforce, allowing non-Omani employees to be replaced by Omani workers as part of national efforts for inclusive and sustainable development.

The legislation also emphasizes disclosure of annual localisation and replacement plans by establishments, promoting the appointment and training of Omanis for leadership roles. Furthermore, the law establishes a Joint Dialogue Committee to foster productive relationships between employers and workers.

With its ten sections, the Labour Law comprehensively covers employment regulations, contracts, working hours, leave allowances, remuneration, occupational health and safety, labour unions, and dispute resolution procedures.

Working women benefit from the law’s privileges, including childcare hours, extended maternity leave, and provisions for a dedicated rest place in establishments with female workers.

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26 July 2023

Oman Announces Major Changes to Labour Law

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