S3D Administrator

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Our client is seeking a skilled S3D Administrator to manage and optimize the utilization of Smart 3D (S3D) software within our engineering projects. The S3D Administrator will be responsible for a wide range of technical and administrative tasks, ensuring the seamless setup, customization, and maintenance of S3D environments. 


  • Establishing project setups in both Global Workshare and Standalone environments.
  • Setting up IFC and Rule Checker services, ensuring data quality and adherence to standards.
  • Managing project administration tasks across engineering disciplines.
  • Creating project backups, restoring model data, and overseeing data recovery processes.
  • Utilizing "Model Data Reuse" and "Model Data Transform" functionalities for object recovery.
  • Employing Smart Interop Publisher to integrate 3D models from third-party sources and create reference 3D in S3D.
  • Creating custom catalogs and specifications for diverse project requirements, including supports, piping components, equipment, instruments, electrical, and structural elements.
  • Customizing drawing, report, and isometric templates to align with project needs.
  • Developing view styles, graphic rules, label rules, and dimension rules.
  • Crafting COM Labels, SQL labels, VB/C# Labels, and basic SQL Queries.
  • Configuring isometric templates for fabrication, stress, and tracing purposes.
  • Providing user-level troubleshooting support within S3D.
  • Conducting user training, job instructions, and guidelines related to S3D.
  • Offering recommendations and solutions to users based on engineering discipline requirements.
  • Assisting in model review activities, generating Navisworks and Smart Review sessions.
  • Contributing to S3D development by building logical utilities.
  • Conducting S3D Data Quality Checks to assess 3D model data maturity and reporting data issues to Information Manager.
  • Producing regular reports, including S3D Model Interference Clash Report, S3D Model Check List Report, and S3D Model Maturity Index (MMI) Report as per industry standards.
  • Ensuring AWP (Advanced Work Packaging) implementation in S3D.
Qualifications and Experience Required:

  • Essential: Bachelor's degree (Postgraduate degrees are desirable).
  • 5-10 years of engineering experience in Oil and Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, or Refinery plants, with strong knowledge of piping regulations, standards, and cross-disciplinary understanding within S3D.
  • Minimum 5 years of S3D Administrator experience, particularly with Hexagon S3D tool, for medium to large projects in the specified industries.
  • Familiarity with technical and managerial responsibilities associated with S3D administration.
  • Adaptability to various SEED files and project configurations as per project requirements.
  • Strong teamwork and proactive problem-solving skills.
  • Proficiency in programming languages (VB.Net, C#, VBA) and XML technology.
  • Essential understanding of databases (MS SQL) and T-SQL language.
  • Proficiency in data analysis tools (Power BI, Power Query).
  • Hands-on experience in AWP execution and 3D model digital handover using S3D.
  • Competence in piping isometric extraction, management, and troubleshooting.
  • Experience in integrating third-party tools like Tekla, Caesar II with S3D.
  • Proficiency in integrating other Hexagon Smart Tools (SPM, SPC, SPF, etc.) with S3D.
  • Ability to work with various CAD formats (SAT, DGN, DWG) within S3D.
  • Strong skills in setting up and integrating 3D design review tools like Smart Plant Review and Navisworks.
  • Familiarity with the Construction Industry Institute's (CII) RT-332 and Model Maturity Index (MMI) Determination for MMI Report production.
  • Desirable: S3D automation development for new utility creation.
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