Newsletter Content Creator

United Arab Emirates

At Guildhall we are seeking a creative Newsletter Content Creator with strong writing, editing, and digital marketing skills for our VR and AI-focused publication to join our Client here in Dubai. Your main role involves developing, managing, and innovating email newsletter content, ensuring seamless integration with our website. Our client is looking for an individual with a passion for emerging technologies, effective storytelling, and a deep understanding of SEO, content management systems, and web management.


- Advanced Writing and Editing Skills: Creativity, storytelling, and proficiency in tools like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
- Empathetic Audience Connector: Ability to resonate with diverse audiences.
- Reader-Focused Strategy Adaptation: Analytical skills using tools like Google Analytics.
- Cultural Sensitivity and Global Awareness: Knowledge of global news sources and cultural reference tools.
- Detail-Oriented Researcher: Strong research skills using tools like JSTOR and Google Scholar.
- SEO and Digital Marketing Proficiency: Experience with tools like Google Analytics, Semrush, or Ahrefs.
- Email Marketing Knowledge: Familiarity with platforms like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or HubSpot.
- Competence with Content Management Systems: Intermediate knowledge of CMS platforms like WordPress.
- Innate Curiosity in VR and AI: Passion for groundbreaking technology.
- Collaborative Team Leadership and Multitasking Skills: Ability to lead by example and work effectively in a team.
- Openness to Feedback and Personal Advancement: Willingness to learn and grow professionally.
- First-class Time/Project Management Skills: Efficient time and project management capabilities.

Requirements & Qualifications:

- Previous Work Experience: Prior experience in newsletter creation or academic publications.
- Project Management: Experience in leading projects from concept to completion.
- Language Skills: Proficiency in additional languages.
- HTML/CSS Competence: Experience in customizing newsletter templates.
- Integrated Social Media Strategies: Expertise in leveraging social media platforms.
- Graphic Design Skills: Ability to create visually appealing layouts and images.
- Multimedia Content Creation: Skills in integrating videos, podcasts, or interactive elements.
- Networking and Relationship Building: Ability to build relationships with industry experts.
- Understanding of Legal and Ethical Standards: Awareness of legal and ethical considerations.
- Specialized Knowledge and Skills: In-depth knowledge of VR and AI industries or other relevant skills.

Employment Terms and Compensation:

- Salary Structure: Very competitive 
- Additional Benefits: Professional growth opportunities, monthly transportation allowance of AED 250, inclusive of visa processing and comprehensive health insurance coverage.

Should you believe you have passion for AI & VR industry and can add great value to our client with your skillset, please apply with your CV and should you be shortlisted, once of our consultants shall be in touch.