Lifting Specialist - Pipeline EPC (Oil & Gas)


This role is responsible for serving as the lifting equipment technical authority, providing technical advice, oversight, and guidance to the Project for lifting operations, deviations or non-compliance, in order to detect defects or weaknesses and assess their importance in relation to safety. The Lifting Specialist also provides support to maintenance teams to ensure preventive and corrective maintenance activities are carried out on all lifting equipment. The responsibilities of this role include:

- Developing and reviewing Lifting Plans.
- Overseeing the cranes for the Project.
- Determining standards for, and participating in, the monitoring and assessment of lifting operations.
- Leading the inspection and validation of lifting equipment prior to mobilization in coordination with the respective PMT.
- Verifying and ensuring compliance with the Project Owner’s requirements, standards, specifications, and instructions.
- Verifying the competence of lifting personnel.
- Participating in JRAs for critical lifting operations.
- Performing, or having a competent person perform, TBTs prior to the beginning of each working shift or when critical lifts are being carried out.
- Developing and keeping up to date specific site lifting procedures.
- Advising the Project Owner on mitigation measures to be put in place for reducing lifting operation risk.
- Coaching and mentoring onsite personnel involved in lifting operations.
- Conducting post-job de-briefs for any learning points.
- Conducting periodic audits and reviews of non-critical and critical lifting plans.
- Organizing periodic internal audits for project equipment in collaboration with Maintenance and Inspection team.
- Serving as the focal point of authority for the safety and technical aspects of lifting operations.

Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 5 years of similar working experience.
Experience in Pipeline Projects.
Proficient in English Language and office software.
Familiarity with construction standards.