Construction CEO

Guildhall, the leading executive search firm in the UAE, is seeking a highly experienced CEO for a well-established Construction and Real Estate Company in Cyprus.

The ideal candidate will have a background in Civil Engineering and a proven track record of successfully leading large scale construction projects in the UAE. As the CEO, you will play a key role in the development of multiple large scale residential and mixed use buildings in Cyprus and take the company to new heights.

The job duties and responsibilities include:
  • Developing and implementing strategic plans for the company's growth and success
  • Overseeing all construction projects, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards
  • Managing the company's budget, resources, and staff to meet project goals and targets
  • Building and maintaining relationships with clients, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • Ensuring that all construction activities comply with relevant regulations, laws and standards
  • Developing and maintaining a safety culture to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries on construction sites
  • Managing and mentoring the construction and engineering teams to achieve their full potential
  • Collaborating with other departments such as finance, marketing and sales to ensure the company is aligned and meeting its overall goals
  • Monitoring industry trends and implementing new technologies and best practices to stay ahead of the competition.

Note: The job duties and responsibilities listed here are not exhaustive and may vary based on the specific needs and requirements of the company.

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