18 February 2021

Interview fundamentals. Don’t get these wrong!

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Interview Tips: Hypothetical Questions, Body Language & more.

It should not come as a shock that after your lengthy job search, the most crucial part that comes after, is the interview!
This interview can make or break an opportunity, so to help you really
prepare for your moment, we, at Guildhall, are going to go through an interview from start to finish.
We will be sprinkling in a mix of tips about body language etiquette and how to answer common questions, such as, when exactly does the interview start how
do you deal with nerves and how soon should you follow up after your interview is finished?

For years professional athletes have used science and data analysis to improve their performances, and Guildhall does the same for jobseekers everywhere, this is literally job science. Our team of recruitment consultants and managers help you prepare yourself for the biggest pitch. The pitch that is all about you and your skills.

So, let’s meet Anya, a recent graduate majoring in business administration; she is interviewing for an entry-level project management position in Dubai, UAE.
Let’s take note of her posture, her head is up, shoulders pulled back, no slouching and no laid-back knees. Her posture comes across as confident and ready to take on responsibility.

Of course, with Covid-19, interviews look a little different than usual, we are skyping, and zooming our way through life for the most part. However, the interview begins the minute you walk into the building, so when you are walking past everyone in the office, walk with confidence and style while keeping eye contact, everyone you interact with in the building is important, from security personnel to receptionists, anyone you run into on your way in could be asked to give feedback on you.
But since many employers are conducting interviews via Zoom & skype, the interview truly starts the moment you sit down and get comfortable in your chair. Find a well-lit area of your home, with a clean-cut background and good acoustics.
It is important that your background and sound are received well by the hiring manager who is interviewing you.

Calm Your Nerves:
It’s normal to be nervous and when nerves kick in, the natural human response is
to take short breaths and breathe faster which can cause your anxiety to rise, and we don’t want that to happen, so stay calm by taking a deep breath before entering your interview, hold your breath to the count of three and then slowly breathe out. You will be fine!

Greet everyone in a way that is authentic to you but professional at the same time “hello, nice to meet you!” and then say their name out loud, you are
more likely to remember their name if you say it out loud. It’s a fact.

Small talk will come up, so before any questions, it’s good to have a few current events or topics in mind that you like discussing that could be a commonality. If you live in Dubai, the common topic is clearly the weather and thank God for air conditioning.

You can’t possibly predict what will be asked in an interview, but you can practice answering some hypothetical questions that are usually asked when going through an interview in Dubai. Some questions may include:
“What made you want to apply to work here?”
“What makes you unique amongst the other applicants?”
“I want to hear more, tell me about
your experience, and what you bring to this role?”
“How do you manage your time between work, home and self-care, tell me about your time management resources”

Practice answering questions such as the above, and make your answers relatable to the position you are being interviewed for. The more relatable you are to the position and company DNA, the better your chances of being considered for the job.

Follow up:
Our team at Guildhall, recommends that you always follow up within
24 hours with a courtesy “Thank you” email to the hiring manager who interviewed you. This email can be a quick note simply thanking them for their time, and if you wish to write a longer email that elaborates on some of the things you talked about in your interview, this can also help you in leaving a lasting impression.

Practice your posture, frame your set up for your zoom meeting, find a positive well-lit and clean space in your home. Do your research about the company which you are being interviewed to work at. Research the position you are being interviewed for and find similarities in your past experiences in order to be relatable to the position and to be a suitable match with similar experience.
Practice answering questions that will most likely be asked no matter where you are being interviewed in the UAE.
Remember that every interview you go through, is a learning curve and another notch of experience on your belt.

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