How to Get a Job in Dubai: 8 Steps

16 November 2023

How to Get a Job in Dubai: 8 Steps

How to Get a Job in Dubai: 8 Simple Steps to Secure a High-Paying Role

Dubai’s talent pool is competitive but opportunities are vast for those committed to understanding the city’s business landscape and values – here are 8 easy steps to help you launch your career in the emirate.With a population approaching 3.7 million and set to grow to 5.2 million by 2030, Dubai’s job market is rapidly expanding as industries continue to mature and attract overseas talent, meaning the competition will only intensify with time.

1. Research the Job Market

Take time to research in-demand industries and roles. Some of the key industries that are constantly hiring include information technology, finance, oil and gas, construction, and real estate. Look at job boards like, Indeed, LinkedIn, and company career pages to get a sense of opportunities available in your field. Figure out if your experience and qualifications align with openings.

2. Polish your resume

Make sure your resume is tailored to the Dubai job market. Many companies in Dubai follow a Western resume format, and including a professional photo on your CV can help boost your chances of being hired. In the resume, highlight your key achievements, skills, and qualifications relevant to the roles you are targeting. You will also need to include personal details, a summary and skills gained throughout your professional experience. Quantify your impact wherever possible to demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking skills.

3. Send tailored cover letters

Personalised cover letters are still very important in Dubai’s culture of relationships. Address your letters to the hiring manager by name if possible, highlight how your qualifications align with the company’s needs and vision, and show genuine enthusiasm for the company and role. Have your cover letters properly formatted and proofread to eliminate errors.

4. Network aggressively

Connect with recruitment specialists and potential hiring managers on LinkedIn – a strong personalised message can open doors. Ask previous managers for recommendations too. Often the best roles are filled through referrals, so network aggressively.

5. Enhance your online presence

Scrutinise your online reputation and make sure all your social profiles like LinkedIn are optimised, updated, and professional. Your online reputation can make or break your candidacy. Set your profiles to public to be discoverable by recruiters and ask for recommendations from previous managers or coworkers.

6. Prepare for video interviews

Practice answers to typical interview questions and have your background optimised. Dress professionally from head to toe, maintain strong eye contact and speak clearly. Test your equipment well in advance to avoid glitches. Body language, tone, and confidence can shine through video just as much as an in-person interview.

7. Build your work experience

While searching, find ways to gain Dubai-specific experience. If you’re relocating from abroad, try finding remote work for a company based in Dubai before permanently moving. This builds local experience that gives you a hiring edge.

Many companies are open to remote trial periods, even locally sourced candidates. You can also look for exchange programs or internships to accrue experience and make professional connections.

Consider freelancing platforms like Upwork or local internships and job exchanges. This allows you to build skills, references and insight into the market from the inside. Some companies offer hybrid or remote roles too. Seizing these opportunities early strengthens your candidacy when full-time positions arise.

Short-term gigs are a great way to quickly immerse yourself in the job market and make meaningful professional connections.

8. Cultural Competency is Key

Subtleties around workplace culture, social etiquette, laws, and expectations set Dubai apart. Research areas like dress codes, authority, and punctuality – values highly prized here. Demonstrating cultural knowledge shows employers that you will fit into the diverse business environment.

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16 November 2023

How to Get a Job in Dubai: 8 Steps

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