How Creative Professionals Drive Economic Growth

18 September 2023

How Creative Professionals Drive Economic Growth

Creative professionals possess a unique set of skills that can play a pivotal role in boosting economic growth. Their out-of-the-box thinking and innovative problem-solving abilities are catalysts for cultivating a dynamic work culture within the region.

By harnessing the creative prowess of these individuals, companies can inspire employees to excel and navigate the path to success.

Unlocking the Power of Creativity

Our region boasts some of the world’s leading brands, and it’s high time we recognize how creativity can fuel accelerated business growth. Historically, individuals dedicated their lives to mastering specific professions, but the modern landscape demands a broader skill set.

As a communicator, I initially focused on honing skills related to content development and marketing. However, as my business expanded, I realized the importance of mastering diverse skills, including translation, coding, and website development.

These multifaceted talents allowed me to take on diverse projects, become more resourceful, and gain fresh perspectives for problem-solving. Collaborating with creative colleagues not only offered new viewpoints but also simplified the communication of complex ideas, invaluable during stressful situations that demand innovative thinking.

The Role of Creatives in Business

As an entrepreneur, consulting with creative professionals became essential. Their unique insights helped me better understand challenges and anticipate client needs. This, in turn, enabled me to provide clients with crucial insights and solutions, helping them stay competitive.

Having witnessed firsthand the value creative individuals bring to my business, I’m convinced that their presence on boards and management committees of GCC companies can yield similar benefits.

Leading global brands and CEOs understand the impact of creative minds. Companies like Intel, which hired of Black Eyed Peas as a director of creative innovation, saw remarkable increases in sales and brand awareness through creative product development.

Google’s Creative Lab, comprised of designers, filmmakers, and artists, drives innovation in marketing campaigns and product development. Prominent CEOs like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Reed Hastings invite creatives to inspire and educate their teams.

The Path Forward

GCC companies can tap into the insights of creative professionals by appointing them as board members and engaging them as project consultants. By doing so, they can foster a creative and innovative work culture that empowers employees and propels businesses to thrive.

Furthermore, inviting creatives to organize workshops for employees and engage in dialogues with executive managers can be instrumental in overcoming challenges and offering innovative solutions.

Our region is home to exceptional talent. Let’s embrace the potential of creative professionals and witness how their innovative thinking and fresh perspectives will fuel economic growth in our region.

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Manar Al Hinai is an award-winning Emirati writer and communications adviser based in Abu Dhabi.


18 September 2023

How Creative Professionals Drive Economic Growth

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