11 October 2021

Guildhall Curated News – 20 questions to help you validate your business idea

Guildhall Curated News – 20 questions to help you validate your business idea

Guildhall Curated News –

Source: Entrepreneur USA

A fundamental part of planning any business idea is user validation. Validation is simply understood as knowing how feasible and necessary your idea is for end users. These can be categorized into 2: problem validation and solution validation .

Guildhall Curated News – I. Problem validation

The main goal is to understand the context of a user and why they would resort to your solution to the problem. Identify and look for the “pains” of the client. These questions can help you.

1. When was the last time you did [X]?

2. What are the reasons why you do [X]?

3. How often do you do [X]?

4. What are you trying to achieve by doing [X]?

5. Could you describe step by step how you do [X]?

6. Have you ever tried to improve [X]?

7. What happens before / after experiencing a problem [X]?

8. What don’t you like about [X]?

9. Can you show me how you do [X]?

10. What is the maximum amount you would pay to deal with a problem [X]?

(Is the user already paying for a solution today?)

Guildhall Curated News – II. Solution validation

The purpose of solution validation is to understand what characteristics of your idea create value. The following questions can help you figure out what the user really wants.

1. Does [X] have a solution to your problem? Why not?

2. Does this [X] live up to your expectations?

3. How do you compare this product / feature to current solutions?

4. Have you used something similar? What was the experience like?

5. Does the solution [X] create new problems or pain for you?

6. What do you think you need before using [X]?

7. What is the most important / crucial feature of [X]?

8. What do you like or dislike about solution [X]? Why?

9. Why do you think this could be beneficial to other people? For whom?

10. Would you recommend someone? (Who? Question to confirm).

Once you know these characteristics, your business idea will be clearer. Don’t miss the end goal and avoid unrewarding efforts.


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