ENOC and Qatar Energy sign 10-year condensates deal

12 July 2023

ENOC and Qatar Energy sign 10-year condensates deal

ENOC Group and Qatar Energy have entered into a significant 10-year sale agreement, solidifying their partnership in the energy sector.

The agreement stipulates the supply of up to 120 million barrels of condensates to ENOC Group, starting this month. This long-term commitment demonstrates the commitment of both companies to delivering exceptional value to customers and stakeholders.

ENOC Group, as a leading integrated energy player, acknowledges its role in contributing to the success of the UAE. By collaborating with global governmental entities, ENOC strengthens its position as a reliable energy provider in the region.

Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, the Minister of State for Energy Affairs and the President and CEO of Qatar Energy, expresses satisfaction in signing this condensate sale agreement, which further strengthens the relationship between Qatar Energy and ENOC. This collaboration has been ongoing since 2008 and fosters trust in Qatar’s condensate exports.

As the condensate volumes are expected to increase with the expansion projects of North Field East (NFE) and North Field South (NFS) in Qatar, this agreement paves the way for future growth and cooperation between ENOC Group and Qatar Energy.

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12 July 2023

ENOC and Qatar Energy sign 10-year condensates deal

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