Dubai’s Sky-Scraping Running Track: A Guinness World Record

19 October 2023

Dubai’s Sky-Scraping Running Track: A Guinness World Record

Dubai’s Sky-Scraping Running Track Sets New Guinness World Record

Dubai’s Wasl has achieved an extraordinary feat by securing a new Guinness World Record for the highest running track on a building. The track, aptly named ‘Sky Track,’ is perched on the 43rd floor of Wasl1, offering stunning views at a height of 157 meters. With a backdrop that includes the iconic Burj Khalifa, Dubai Frame, Sheikh Zayed Road, and its surroundings, it’s a breathtaking testament to Dubai’s architectural innovation.

Hesham Al Qassim, CEO of Wasl, expressed their delight in achieving this remarkable Guinness World Record, emphasizing how Sky Track enhances the daily lives of residents. He noted the commitment to creating projects that inspire and elevate the well-being of communities, aligning with Dubai’s vision for excellence in all aspects.

Talal Omar, VP – MENA and Turkey, Guinness World Records, commended the ingenuity and ambition that drives record holders worldwide. The achievement of constructing the highest running track on a building is a testament to both architectural prowess and human aspiration. It’s a symbol of Dubai’s unwavering commitment to reaching new heights in every sense. This remarkable accomplishment represents not only engineering but also Dubai’s dedication to pushing boundaries.

This marks the second world record title for Wasl, with their first achievement being the largest aerial projection screen in celebration of the ‘Year of Zayed’ in 2018.

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19 October 2023

Dubai’s Sky-Scraping Running Track: A Guinness World Record

Wasl Sky Track

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