Dubai’s RTA Wins Prestigious RoSPA Award for Fleet Safety

17 August 2023

Dubai’s RTA Wins Prestigious RoSPA Award for Fleet Safety


Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has been honored with a Bronze Award from the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) in the United Kingdom, recognizing its exceptional efforts in Fleet Safety.

RoSPA, a prominent organization in health and safety, presents this award to agencies dedicated to maintaining health and safety standards.

The initiative by Dubai’s public transport service provider to provide professional training for public bus drivers received RoSPA’s recognition. This initiative underscores RTA’s commitment to reducing bus incidents, enhancing workplace safety, and promoting driver awareness about safe driving practices.

Sultan Ibrahim Al Akraf, Director of Drivers Affairs at the Public Transport Agency, remarked, “Securing this international award underscores RTA’s dedication to excellence and solidifies its position in the public transport sector. It also reinforces our commitment to prioritizing driver safety and delivering exceptional, secure services to customers and the public.”

RTA has elevated its driver training programs to meet the highest international standards. The Authority’s statement highlighted that “the drivers’ training initiative is exceptional due to its methods that align with various factors to enhance training efficiency and outcomes.”

RoSPA reveals that road accidents claim 10 to 15 times more lives than workplace incidents and a significant portion of road accidents are work-related.

This sobering fact has led to the establishment of awards where organizations can showcase their dedication to recognizing and advancing good fleet management practices.

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17 August 2023

Dubai’s RTA Wins Prestigious RoSPA Award for Fleet Safety

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