Dubai South Major Visa and Insurance Update

18 July 2023

Dubai South Major Visa and Insurance Update

Dubai South, the emirate’s largest single urban master development, has recently made a significant announcement regarding its visa and insurance policies. In an effort to provide enhanced protection for employees, Dubai South is introducing mandatory insurance coverage for all new visa holders in the development.

This new insurance program will ensure that employees receive coverage for unpaid salaries, gratuity, expenses, and more, thereby offering a safety net for workers in the aviation and transport sectors. By implementing this mandatory insurance, Dubai South aims to support companies and employees and create a secure working environment within the development.

The comprehensive Employee Protection Insurance program is being initiated through a partnership between Dubai Aviation City Corporation (DACC) and Dubai Insurance Co. (DIN). This program will cover various aspects, including unpaid salaries, end-of-service gratuities, repatriation costs, and unreimbursed expenses.

Starting from August 2023, the insurance program will be offered to employees of all Dubai South licensees registered under DACC. Employers will be required to adopt this scheme to protect their employees, and it will also become mandatory for new employment visas and work permits. For existing visas, this program will be mandatory during the renewal of residence visas.

Khalifa Al Zaffin, Executive Chairman of DACC, expressed the significance of this partnership in aligning with the UAE’s strategic vision for employee rights and corporate governance. He stated, “The implementation of the Employee Protection Insurance program will significantly boost the confidence of our licensees, showcasing our unwavering dedication to fostering an exceptional working environment and reaffirming our commitment to upholding Dubai’s competitive position on the global stage.”

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18 July 2023

Dubai South Major Visa and Insurance Update

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