Dubai Municipality signs massive construction deal with LINQ

17 July 2023

Dubai Municipality signs massive construction deal with LINQ

Dubai Municipality has signed a significant construction deal with LINQ, a subsidiary of ALEC Engineering and Contracting. This partnership marks a major step towards advancing sustainable practices and making Dubai one of the world’s most advanced cities. As the best recruitment agency in Dubai, Guildhall recognizes the importance of such developments and offers executive search and recruitment services to connect skilled professionals with opportunities in the construction industry.

Under the newly acquired modular construction license from Dubai Municipality, LINQ is set to execute a pilot project for a G+6 building using highly sustainable and customized modular units. This approval reinforces Dubai Municipality’s commitment to adopting innovative construction techniques and driving sustainability in the city.

The granting of this license positions LINQ as a pioneering company in advanced construction methods, particularly modular construction. This approach allows for faster and more controlled production of high-quality buildings, catering to various sectors such as hospitality, residential, and commercial developments.

Embracing sustainable practices and leveraging Building Information Modelling (BIM) software, LINQ ensures precision-built structures that minimize waste and prioritize sustainability. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility spanning 300,000 sq ft in Dubai Industrial City, LINQ has the capacity to produce 1,900 modular units annually, supporting the demand for sustainable construction solutions in the region.

Bashar Kayali, General Manager at LINQ Modular, commends the Dubai government’s vision for construction innovation and expresses LINQ’s commitment to showcasing the potential of modular construction in residential and commercial projects across Dubai.

Guildhall, as the leading recruitment agency in Dubai, understands the significance of skilled professionals in driving construction innovation and sustainability.

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17 July 2023

Dubai Municipality signs massive construction deal with LINQ

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