China’s Soft Power Surge: Brand Finance’s 2024 Index

12 April 2024

China’s Soft Power Surge: Brand Finance’s 2024 Index

China Ranks Third in Brand Finance’s ‘Global Soft Power Index 2024’

China has emerged as the fastest-growing nation brand, securing the third position behind the US and the UK, as per Brand Finance’s ‘Global Soft Power Index 2024’.

The country’s remarkable progress in the pillars of “Business and Trade” and “Education and Science” has been pivotal to its ascent in the index, highlighted Brand Finance, as reported by the Global Times.

Various factors, including the evolving perception of “Made in China” products, the Belt and Road Initiative, and strides in technology and innovation, have bolstered China’s soft power, according to the Global Times.

Moreover, collaborative endeavors between China and nations worldwide have played a crucial role in cultivating a more positive perception of China’s soft power landscape.

Analysts attribute China’s success to its commitment to openness, inclusiveness, technological innovation, and principles of peaceful development and mutual benefit.

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12 April 2024

China’s Soft Power Surge: Brand Finance’s 2024 Index

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