AD Ports Group Acquires Noatum

4 July 2023

AD Ports Group Acquires Noatum

AD Ports Group, a leading UAE ports major, has announced the successful acquisition of Noatum, a global integrated logistics services provider operating in 26 countries. The acquisition process has been completed after receiving approvals from all relevant regulatory bodies.

With an estimated acquisition cost of AED2.65 billion, the joining of AD Ports Group and Noatum forms a powerful alliance in the trade and logistics sector. Noatum’s impressive track record, generating AED6.4 billion (EUR1.6 billion) in revenue and AED448 million (EUR111.6 million) in EBITDA in the last twelve months, adds significant growth potential and scalability to the partnership.

AD Ports Group emphasizes the importance of integration, resilience, and innovation in the future of trade and logistics. This acquisition marks a transformative step towards becoming one of the top global trade and logistics providers. By leveraging the strengths, capabilities, and extensive network of Noatum, AD Ports Group is poised to deliver exceptional services and drive the industry forward.

Antonio Campoy, CEO of Noatum, expressed excitement about joining the AD Ports Group family and the opportunities it brings. With a shared vision of building a robust logistics company, the partnership aims to create new prospects and growth for clients, employees, and stakeholders.

The acquisition of Noatum by AD Ports Group will generate significant synergies, including revenue enhancement, cost savings, joined purchasing, transfer of best practices, market expertise, and adoption of cutting-edge technology.

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4 July 2023

AD Ports Group Acquires Noatum

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