21 February 2021

8 things job scammers in the GCC don’t want you to know

8 Things job scammers dont want you to know 700x500

Job seekers beware of fake job posts and scams – Read how millions have been scammed by fake jobs in the GCC


At Guildhall we do a lot of firefighting when it comes to repairing the reputation of HR and Recruitment companies in the UAE and across the region. This is because job seekers are justifiably frustrated and jaded with the number of scams that take advantage of their situation.

Since COVID, we have seen a 40% increase in job applicants to our positions, which shows that the situation is concerning for the careers of a lot of people. Unfortunately, with this situation comes a lot of opportunist scammers. We want to highlight some of the most common scams and what to look out for. Read about these 8 things job scammers in the GCC don’t want you to know.

A recruitment company asking you to pay for fees before the interview


The biggest red flag is if you are required to pay to attend any interview. The main fee’s in the GCC that is usually the responsibility of the applicant is the attestation of certificates plus any licensing fees your profession may require you to have. However, these come later in the process when the legitimate offer of employment is made and finalized.

A recruitment company asking you to pay for fees after the interview


If a recruitment company asks you to pay for ‘application fees’ or for a deposit after you have a job interview with a client, turn and run. A reputable company will never ask you to pay at this stage.

An employer asking you for payment to work for them


This happens and is extremely common. This is where an internal employee (sometimes in HR) will ask you for payment to secure you a job within their organization. At Guildhall we came across this and notified the GM of a large construction firm that an employee within the hiring process was asking for payments from each new employee. After further investigation, it turned out this individual had been doing this for over 10 years.

Job offers without an interview


If you send your CV to a position and you receive a job offer without an interview from either the 3rd party recruiter or the company rep directly, this is a red flag. As tempting as this is for you to believe, it is statistically proven to be a fake post.

So how can you avoid being scammed?

So now we have covered the most common scams, here is what our experts recommend you do to spot any in the future.

Do your research on where you are sending your CV


Never send your CV blindly to a person or a website without knowing exactly who they are. Search on Google to make sure you know if the website you are applying to is legitimate.

Back in 2019 Gulf News exposed a large website called Wisdom Jobs that was caught scamming hundreds of thousands of job seekers. Unfortunately, this ‘Job Portal’ is still operating today. Even reputable and legitimate jobs advertised by Guildhall find their way on to this ‘Job Portal’ using their automated job scraping software. We have requested our jobs to be taken down as they are not our authorized partner however as expected they continue to advertise the positions.

Have everything in writing


Make sure that whenever you are communicating with a recruiter that you ideally communicate everything in writing through email. Occasional phone calls will be required however always re-iterate in writing. Avoid WhatsApp where possible until you are in the onboarding phase as you could be communicating with an unverified source. Keeping everything documented will provide you with security and proof if required in the future.

Cross-reference the contact details and persons


When communicating with a recruiter, do a background search on social media or LinkedIn to see if they have a profile and whether or not they look legitimate. Check their email address to make sure they match their company address. If they are using a Gmail or Yahoo or other free public address, ask why and ask for a company email address.

Where can you search for jobs securely?


In the GCC the most trusted sources of job ads can be found on the following sites (in no particular order):

This is not to say every other job portal is illegitimate however these are the ones we have personally used and can vouch for. It’s also possible that a scammer could be using these sites to post fake jobs so you want to research which company is actually posting the jobs on those sites.


If you take one thing away from reading this article, please make sure it is to do your research on the source before sending your CV.

Stay vigilant and avoid these headaches by visiting www.guildhall.agency for safe and secure job searching.

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